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Being a great innovator requires creative thinking — and surrounding yourself with the ideas of other creative thinkers. What are the latest innovations that are wowing consumers and industry leaders? What shifts are the think tanks predicting?

We’ve put together a brief Innovation course to help you get started. Consider it part of the required reading list if you’re anyone competing in any of the Next Great Innovator Challenges!

Innovation 101

Our introductory Innovation course is the perfect way to start getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Learn how to nurture the germ of an idea and build it into a viable solution for real business challenges.

Download the Innovation Course – Innovation 101 pdf

Learn how we approach innovation at RBC

Steps to Innovate

A good place to start is with an understanding of what innovation is and isn’t. Innovation is not renovation or invention. Innovation refers to the creation of better or more effective processes, products, ideas or technologies that affect markets and society. One of the best examples of a fairly recent innovation is the GPS. At it’s core a GPS is a simple combination of roadmaps and existing satellite technology, but this new innovation not only allows us to get from point a to point b without stopping or leaving the comfort of our vehicles, but it can even predict when we can expect to arrive.

Different companies innovate in different ways. At RBC we have our own formula for successful innovation involving a step by step process that enables us to stay a step ahead and produce extraordinary results. Here are the steps we take to innovate:

Expand Team Build

Expand Brainstorming

Expand Idea Creation

Expand Idea Testing

Expand Proof of Concept


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