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Meet the RBC Next Great Innovator Team

The RBC team behind the Next Great Innovator Challenge is here to keep this program running smoothly throughout the year, and to answer any questions you might have along the way. We’re committed to making this the best challenge year ever!


Jim Miller

Jim Miller has spent more than 12 years in RBC's broader Innovation community, particularly in the fields of emerging technology research, academic research/outreach, and in organizing and delivering internal and external hackathons. As of April-2016 his new role is in helping RBC create a formal Intrapreneurship program.

Intrapreneurship is a concept whereby RBC employees who think like entrepreneurs, take initiative in pursuit of innovation, while remaining RBC employees.

The benefits of Intrapreneurship come from the intersection of RBC's talent agenda and innovation priorities where we'll seek to strengthen an innovative culture, build on the momentum from increasing employee engagement, surface hidden talent and encourage more grassroots innovation.

We will build an Intrapreneurial community:

  • by connecting employees who are keen to innovate,
  • by identifying and engaging untapped talent,
  • by providing resources and tools needed by intrapreneurs to innovate,
  • by helping employees to generate ideas and bring those ideas to life, and
  • by telling engaging and inspiring stories to help promote and shape the culture.


Christine Silva

Christine is the Director of Intrapreneurship and Innovation Engagement in the Technology & Operations group. Building an active community of our most innovative colleagues, the Intrapreneurship team crowdsources new ideas and solutions from across RBC employees.


Arlene Cortiguierra

Arlene is the Innovation and Communications Analyst on RBC's Applied Innovation team. An Honours Graduate in Media Communications at Humber College, Arlene is currently pursuing her degree in Communications, Culture, and Information Technology at the University of Toronto. Arlene has a wide range of technical and communication skills that reflect an expertise in web design, digital design, social media, marketing, photography/videography.


RBC Campus Recruitment

The Applied Innovation & Development Team and RBC Campus Recruitment are collaborating on this year's exciting event!


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