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RBC Logo – the Lion and Globe Design

Every company has a corporate image that includes an emblem or logo. The Lion and Globe Design, a registered trademark, is one of Canada’s most recognized symbols. The symbol of a lion was brought to life as a mascot in the 1970s and to this day continues to make appearances at internal and company-sponsored events worldwide.

Our Logo


Pre 1901

The original founders of the Merchants' Bank of Halifax were well-established maritime merchants. A modern three-mast sailing ship with an auxiliary engine, allegedly belonging to one of the bank's original directors, William Cunard, was a logical choice for the centerpiece of the bank's first corporate seal. In 1901, the seal was slightly revised to include the new corporate name "The Royal Bank of Canada."



Leo as Mascot



A cartoon version of our Lion and Globe logo was introduced in advertising in 1970 as part of the “Leo’s Leaders Savings Club.”



Did You Know


Royal Bank hauled a 4 1/2 ton safe by horse and pulleys over the mountains from Skagway, Alaska to Atlin in northern British Columbia to open a branch during the Klondike gold rush.



Leo as Mascot