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Celebrating Our History

1925, Royal Bank of Canada branch Edmonton - Jasper Ave., Alberta
1925, Royal Bank of Canada branch Edmonton – Jasper Ave., Alberta.
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Royal Bank of Canada is a strong financial institution with a rich history. We are a group of companies where a shared sense of belonging and purpose, coupled with high standards for doing the right thing for our employees, our clients and our communities, has withstood the test of time. You’ll find these stories and more captured in the pages of our history.

Quick to the Frontier

Quick to the Frontier is the story of our beginnings as a regional bank to our first steps as a diversified financial services company. Our story is told not only in terms of notable personalities and corporate strategies, but also through an exploration of our corporate culture. The book focuses on our history from incorporation in 1869 to the early 1990s and was written in celebration of our 125th anniversary in 1994.

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Our Recent Past (1990 to Present)

Every decade has its own style and signature. The recent past has been called the digital era, one marked by accelerated advancements in technology for both business and personal use. During this era, the face of our cities and countries has become more eclectic and diversified; our world has experienced change in every aspect of daily life. It is within this context that Royal Bank continues to influence and provide leadership for the betterment of our society.

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In Remembrance

This section is dedicated to all Royal Bank employees who served in the First World War and the Second World War, and to those employees who contributed to the war effort on the home front.

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RBC Logo – the Lion and Globe Design

Every company has a corporate image that includes an emblem or logo. The Lion and Globe Design, a registered trademark, is one of the most recognized symbols in Canada.

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Celebrating Our History

1925, Royal Bank of Canada branch Edmonton – Jasper Ave., Alberta. This branch opened in 1901 in what was then known as the North–West Territories. Four years later, the new province of Alberta joined the Canadian Confederation (1905).


Did You Know


In opening our branch in Porcupine, Ontario, staff made part of the trip in an open bobsleigh drawn by horses through bush and over frozen lakes with the temperature -56 F (equivalent to -49 C)!