A Look Back at our Leaders

James Muir
Chairman and President

James Muir: I am still of the opinion that Canada's future lies on the side of improving her competitive position instead of isolating ourselves behind heightened barriers to trade.

Allan Taylor
Chairman and CEO

Allan Taylor: We live in a marketplace that's driven by new competitors and new technologies that we must learn to understand. We have a 50-year record as Canada's leading bank. But success is never final. It must be earned and then re-earned.

John Cleghorn
President and COO
re: 1986-94

John Cleghorn: The key thing is that top management are not going to be the sole ingredients or the sole agents for change. What we have to do is figure out where are those areas of improvement that we want to be in getting back to management by fact, and set our sights for improvement, because in virtually everything we do, we can improve.

And if we can do that and get that sense of culture, that continuous improvement is not a threat, is not a challenge to the way you did things before, but it's just meeting the ever-increasing expectations of your customers, your employees and your shareholders.

Gordon Nixon
President and CEO

Gordon Nixon: I continue to hold fast my conviction that this is Canada's decade.

Canada's Decade

Canada's Banks Buck
Global Trend
- The Wall Street Journal

Canadian Banks
the Soundest in the World
- World Economic Forum

The charms of Canada:
Good policies, good
behaviour and good fortune
- The Economist

We have shown ourselves to be a nation that is resilient, measured, and well-managed. The kind of country that fosters one of the strongest and most stable financial services industries in the world.

Canada's Decade

We’re a country described as rich in resources, and this means much more than just oil and gas, minerals and forests. It also means a highly-skilled and highly-educated population, and one that offers employers like us diverse international perspectives and insights.

Brand Strength

Our brand is not a logo or an icon. It's the people who stand behind our promise to represent RBC every day.

RBC is People

These are the 74,000 knowledgeable, client-focused and committed employees who help us earn the right to be our clients' first choice.

Always Earning the Right to be Our Clients' First Choice