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RBC and Free The Children


We believe in Kids!

RBC is committed to providing the foundation, resources and guidance to help kids believe in themselves, become leaders and get inspired to take action to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re proud of our long-term commitment to Free The Children, an international charity and educational partner committed to helping kids achieve their fullest potential.

As the National Co-Title Sponsor of We Day, National Premier Partner of We Act and Partner of It All Adds Up, a youth financial literacy program, RBC is helping to inspire, empower and enable Canadian kids to achieve their goals.


We believe in Kids!

Photo credit: Free The Children

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We Day

We Day is an inspiration and educational event that helps kicks off a year of young Canadians leading local and global change. As National Co-Title Sponsor, RBC is proud to help bring this unforgettable event to 9 cities across Canada each school year.

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We believe in Kids!


WE DAY It All Adds Up!

In the fall of 2013, at We Days across Canada, RBC and Free The Children launched a youth financial literacy program called It All Adds Up. With over 120,000 captive youth engaged in the We Day movement, RBC demonstrated how a little bit of financial knowledge can help youth make their choices All Add Up to reach their goals.

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How Far Can Your Change Go?

Together, we can change the world – one coin, one brick, one school at a time. The 2013/2014 We Create Change fundraising campaign is supporting Free The Children’s year-long initiative to build 200 schools in developing communities around the world.


Make Your Change Count

WE CREATE CHANGE ONE COIN, ONE BRICK, ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME. Collect $20 in coins, and your change can provide a brick for the construction of a new school. Build a school, and your change can educate hundreds of children. Give children a chance to learn, and your change can help a generation make change for themselves.

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It’s More Than Just Math

It All Adds Up is a youth financial literacy program developed by RBC and Free the Children as part of the We Act program. It provides practical lessons around the concepts of earning, saving, giving and spending to support learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Combined, the lessons will help students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make financially responsible decisions and help them reach their personal goals.


Are You a Teacher?

IT ALL ADD$ UP Through It All Adds Up, your students will gain a stronger understanding of money matters, develop their ability to set and achieve personal financial goals, learn how to plan cost effective fundraisers. with a specific lesson on We Create Change, and much more!

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Are You a Student?

Amp Up Your Giving!
Download the We 365 app today to be the first to receive It All Adds Up challenges and see how some simple money lessons can help you amp up your giving!




You are on: WE365

We365 Puts the We Movement in the Palm of Your Hands

We365 is a digital community that helps youth make positive change in our world, every day of the year. This free mobile app and website allows youth to connect around issues, find and get involved in causes they care about and easily track and record volunteer hours.

As Presenting Sponsor of We365, RBC is bringing the It All Adds Up financial literacy program to life within the app, delivering relevant lessons and tips to help users reach their giving goals.


WE 365


WE CREATE CHANGE With a chance to meet Degrassi! Amp Up Your Giving

Download the We 365 app today to be the first to receive It All Adds Up challenges that will help you amp up your giving!