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An update from RBC Corporate Sustainability Group November 2015

New and Notable

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The Climate Issue

The City of Love Transforms into the City of Climate Action for Two Weeks

Vive La France!A potential generation defining international conference in Paris begins on November 30th where countries will try once again to negotiate targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. The 21st Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, referred to as COP21, is a 12 day conference where hundreds of delegates and thousands more will gather. COP21 has taken on great significance because scientist fear time is running out and it could be the last chance for nations to strike a deal that might limit global warming to 2-degrees Celsius. That will allow us to avoid some of the devastating effects of climate change while reducing the risk of uncertainty that comes with further warming. For more thoughts on an international climate agreement, check out this op-ed piece, Will we always have Paris?, by Sandra Odendahl, RBC Director of Social Innovation & Integration, in Listed Magazine.

Investing in the Transition to the Low Carbon Economy

Individual investment decisions can play a large role in unlocking capital for climate change solutions. In 2015, the RBC Generator invested in two ventures that allow the masses to use their influence and investment dollars to help make a difference.

  OTI Lumionics

CoPower is an online marketplace for investing in clean energy infrastructure. CoPower's goal is to make it easy for average investors to align their portfolios with their values by investing in energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects that offer solid returns and predictable cashflows, along with measured social and environmental returns.
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  OTI Lumionics manufactures organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), the first light source to use carbon-based organic molecules to convert electricity into light. OLEDs can be made by “printing” these organic molecules onto large sheets of glass or flexible plastic - essentially a light-based building material. In August 2015, OTI introduced the world's first consumer ready OLED lamp. Learn more >>
CoPower - A clean model - invest, power and earn $   Talk about then, OTI's OLED lighting panel

A Very Happy 10th Anniversary to Bullfrog Power

A Very Happy 10th Anniversary to Bullfrog PowerRBC would like to congratulate Bullfrog Power, one of Canada's green energy providers, for 10 years of advancing renewable energy in Canada. Since 2005, Bullfrog has helped put three million MWh of renewable electricity and four million gigajoules of green natural gas into Canada's power system, displacing over one million tonnes of carbon dioxide. We're very proud to have been one of the very first companies in any industry to partner with Bullfrog Power, when this innovative renewable energy company was just starting up. To mark the anniversary, RBC bullfrogpowered our entire Canadian operations - every branch, major office tower and data centre - with renewable energy for one entire day. RBC also donated $10,000 to the TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative to run education programs for youth around the career opportunities in the renewable energy sector.


Climate Change and Your Home

Climate Change and Your HomeMore ice, more wind, more rain…it all means more potential damage to your home. Consider that insurance claims in Canada as a result of climate and water damage have averaged $1 billion a year in the past three, with a staggering $3.2 billion in claims in 2013 alone. In just nine years, water damage has gone from 20% of total Canadian property insurance claims to 50%, making water damage the number one claim in Canada, surpassing fire. For many, your home is your largest investment. So how do you protect it? RBC Insurance offers practical advice on protecting your home with information on understanding your risk areas, what you can do before and after severe weather, and how to ensure your home insurance policy meets your needs. Is your family and home ready to deal with a severe weather situation in your area?


Get Out the Brooms!

CivicAction imageCivicAction's Race to Reduce is a friendly corporate challenge that promotes collaboration between office building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use. Representing more than 42% of Toronto's commercial office space, participants have reduced their collective energy use by 193 million ekWh or 12.1% over four years, surging past the program's 10% target. From a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions perspective, that's equivalent to taking more than 4,200 cars off the road for a year. At the recent Race to Reduce Awards Gala, RBC swept the Team Excellence awards that celebrate active and sustained landlord-tenant collaboration. RBC shared the three Team Excellence awards with landlords Bentall Kennedy, Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, and Oxford Properties. RBC also won two Building Performance awards in the Greatest Energy Reduction category. Since 2009, RBC has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in our properties by 44%. For more details visit: Race to Reduce Award Winners and RBC and the Environment.

Upcoming Events

Pembina Institute Un-Gala
January 21, Toronto, ON
The annual western-themed party with delicious eats and plenty of networking draws Canada's who's who of the sustainability sector, all joining together in the spirit of finding clean energy solutions. RBC is a sponsor of this event.
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