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What We’ve Learned

What We’ve LearnedWe have been involved in diversity efforts since the mid 1970s, originally focusing on women and employment equity. Today we view diversity more broadly – a source and driver of innovation that values and supports unique abilities, experiences and perspectives.

We have gained many insights along the way. We have tried different approaches – sometimes with success and sometimes without. We have benefitted from dialogue with an array of experts, best practices firms and academics. We learn from our experiences and experiences of others and we believe in sharing our learning.

What have we learned over the years?

  • Diversity helps create more productive workplaces, builds an environment of inclusion, attraction, retention and engagement of talented people, provides a competitive advantage and contributes to superior client service.
  • Having senior leadership commitment and clear accountabilities is critical to the success and sustainability of diversity efforts.
  • A commitment to diversity requires a lot of work – it requires concrete goals, plans of action, measuring progress, persistent focus and appreciation of progress along the way. For many, living diversity is a very personal and emotional experience.
  • It is not about “let’s do diversity today.” It is about embedding diversity into everyday business and making it an intrinsic part of people and client strategies.
  • Policies and programs cannot stand alone – it’s about culture and work environment.
  • Employees of all generations and backgrounds are looking for career success and work/life flexibility. Everyone wants to be respected and to be treated fairly, to get feedback and make a contribution – everyone wants to feel “included.”
  • Diversity and work/life initiatives should offer options and choices, something for everyone – both men, women.
  • Diversity is a journey – it takes the commitment of senior leaders and employees and effective collaborative partnering with multiple stakeholders to keep the effort going.

RBC is committed to the journey – and to achieving results.


Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020

Review our blueprint to find out more about our diversity priorities and objectives.

RBC Diversity Blueprint™

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives. Our progress to date is tracked in the (opens PDF in new window)2012 - 2015 Diversity Blueprint Report Card.