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Diversity Tools & Resources

To learn more about diversity and inclusion check out these RBC resources:

  • Diversity Behaviours booklet PDF (opens new window)
    This tool is designed to help understand the benefits of diversity and break through the personal structural barriers that can stand in the way. Here’s an excerpt from the booklet:

    What can each one of us do to be more inclusive of one another where we work and live?

    Understand and value diversity

    • Recognize our own biases
    • See differences in people as valuable assets
    • Encourage open dialogue

    Demonstrate cultural sensitivity

    • Know there is more than one right way to do things
    • Be aware of cultural and other differences
    • Act without bias

    Work for change

    • Challenge the “way we’ve always done it.”
    • Speak up about inappropriate comments or behavior
    • Be an ally

Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020

Review our blueprint to find out more about our diversity priorities and objectives.

RBC Diversity Blueprint™

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives. Our progress to date is tracked in the (opens PDF in new window)2012 - 2015 Diversity Blueprint Report Card.