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RBC recognizes that to be a leader in diversity and a responsible corporate citizen, we must not only advance within our organization, we must proactively support and participate in community activities like independent research and educational programs and help implement community solutions. We believe the best solutions result when the collective perspectives and capabilities of all stakeholders come together. We support multilateral efforts which partner clients, experts, public/private sector companies and associations, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and not-for-profit agencies.


Education & Youth

RBC respects and values youth as an important part of our diverse communities. Today’s educated youth are our future workforce and leaders. RBC is working to engage our youth by developing and supporting programs for students that address diversity matters, offer unique educational experiences, and support youth at risk.


Inspiring Progress

As a business leader in the community, RBC has the opportunity to act as a broader change agent in society. We provide support to organizations, academic institutions, and non-profit groups working to address diversity issues of importance to us and our stakeholders. We also work with business community partners to advance diversity and inclusion in our communities. This may entail sponsoring initiatives for broad community benefit. It may also involve partnering with relevant organizations to raise awareness and increase participation in diversity initiatives.



Put learning into practice – How you answer these questions will help determine how you are supporting diversity and inclusion in your community.

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Diversity Blueprint

Review our blueprint to find out more about our diversity priorities and objectives.

RBC Diversity Blueprint™

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the RBC Diversity Blueprint, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives. Our progress to date is tracked in the (opens PDF in new window)2020 Diversity Blueprint Report Card.