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Responsible Business Practices

We believe that being a good corporate citizen isn’t only about how we spend our money. It’s also about how we make it. Every day, with every transaction, we strive to operate every facet of our business with integrity, ensuring that we provide financial services responsibly and ethically, are a respected employer and a sound purchaser of goods and services.


What’s it like to work at RBC? Here’s how we engage, retain, and manage approximately 74,000 employees so that we continue to "earn the right to be our clients' first choice."

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Access to Banking

How do remote Aboriginal communities do their banking? How about people with disabilities? And how do seniors’ banking needs differ from those of tech-savvy twenty-somethings? We offer a broad network and a host of tailored solutions to ensure all our clients have access to banking services.

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Economic Impact

How do our business practices affect the economy in your community or country? Our business activities, such as lending and purchasing, have a significant economic ripple effect.

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Corporate Integrity

How do clients know their money is safe with us? Why should shareholders trust us to safeguard their investments? How do we help protect against money laundering and other criminal financial activities? Our answer - by operating with integrity in everything we do.

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RBC Awards

TOP 50 Socially Responsible Corporations • 2014 MACLEAN'S SUSTAINALYTICS


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Did You Know?


Employeees who are proud to work at RBC.


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