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Corporate Integrity

When it comes to their money, people want to deal with organizations they can trust. Financial institutions, perhaps more than any other business, depend on client confidence and trust. RBC strives to operate with integrity every day, in every transaction or dealing.


Customer Protection

We earn our clients’ trust by developing and promoting products responsibly, safeguarding assets, respecting privacy, and protecting against risks such as fraud.

We try to foster open and clear, two-way communication with clients and invite them to tell us what they like or don’t like about us. Clients can voice complaints in a number of ways. We have client care centres and an Ombudsman who handles complaints confidentially and objectively, and reports on them every year. Beyond that, clients have recourse through organizations outside of RBC.

Making a complaint


Corporate Governance

Trust starts at the top. Good corporate governance is key to the integrity of a corporation because it provides the checks and balances that a company needs in order to cultivate sound business practices. Our board of directors has long been proactive in adopting leading corporate governance practices, and over the years we have introduced many significant governance innovations such as shareholder advisory votes on our approach to executive compensation.

Corporate Governance


A Matter of Principle

A large organization like our needs a clear set of rules to guide everyone’s actions. We rely on a number of principles, codes and policies to govern our behavior and ensure integrity in everything we do. We have formal corporate policies on activities like managing risks and public policies to address issues like privacy, money laundering, terrorism financing, economic sanctions, lending to political parties, and environmental sustainability. For instance, our policies prevent us from financing munitions, landmines and online gambling.

Our Code of Conduct governs the behaviour of our employees and informs how we conduct all our businesses operations. It covers a variety of ethical and legal concerns that many of our employees face on a day-to-day basis. All RBC employees must confirm their commitment to abide by the Code of Conduct at least every two years, and certain key employees must do so annually. We also subscribe to various voluntary consumer codes and public commitments.


Risk Management

Risk is a fact of life in the financial services industry. We have a responsibility to manage risk effectively so we can meet our obligations to our stakeholders. Our know-how, a company-wide framework and our strong risk culture are the ingredients that enable us to balance risk and opportunity, and meet our obligations in a sustainable fashion.

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