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Access to Banking

One of our main jobs as a financial services company is to provide banking services to our clients. This may seem simple but it can be challenging to give 15 million people the service they need -- where, when and as they need it. So, we use market research to better understand and serve our clients who include students, seniors, women entrepreneurs, small business owners, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, newcomers to Canada, low income individuals and others. All of these groups have unique banking needs, and we realize that in order to best serve them, we have to develop unique products and services.

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Global Banking Network

RBC is a leader in introducing convenient alternatives for people to access their money and review their finances anywhere, anytime, in virtually any language. Our clients can access their banking in branches, online, via telephone, through full-service banking machines and over their Internet-enabled mobile phone or personal digital assistant.

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Banking for diverse needs

Some groups of people have banking needs that are not always met. As a leading bank in Canada and around the world, we believe we have a responsibility to help meet basic and specialized banking needs. Through customized products, services, channels and community-based programs, we serve diverse groups such as:

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For small businesses, access to credit can mean the difference between operating and shutting down. Many small businesses around the world count on RBC for financing, expertise and specialized services that help them manage more efficiently.


We serve approximately one in four businesses clients in Canada, offering all the benefits of our vast network of branches, ATMs, and online banking services as well as 575 senior account managers dedicated to small business.

We provide credit to small businesses that are starting, maintaining or expanding their operations. To learn more, read our current report on
Debt Financing for Canadian Businesses (opens PDF in new window).


In the Caribbean, RBC offers international financing tools such as payment methods for exports and specialized lines of credit including a U.S. dollar credit line to help small businesses in industries such as manufacturing, agri-business and tourism. We also provide a vast array of services that help businesses manage their financial affairs. These include stop payments, quick deposits, funds transfers, merchant point of sale services, audit certificates, bank drafts, and others.