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Trusted Resources

Social finance and impact investing facilitate solutions through market mechanisms to address some of society's more pressing social and environmental challenges. We have gathered some facts and research on the rise of social finance and impact investing to help you learn more about this growing area.


2015 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report2015 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report

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Canada’s responsible investment (RI) industry is experiencing rapid growth. As of December 31st 2013, assets managed using RI strategies increased from $600 billion to more than $1 trillion, which reflects a 68% increase from 2012. Additionally, there is an estimated $4.13 billion in impact investment assets, a small but increasingly important category of RI. Learn more about the factors driving this growth in the 2015 RI Trends Report, sponsored by RBC.

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Private Capital for Public Good: George Lewis speaks at 2014 Social Finance ForumPrivate Capital for Public Good: George Lewis speaks at 2014 Social Finance Forum

In his opening remarks for the Social Finance Forum in Toronto, George Lewis, Group Head, RBC Wealth Management & RBC Insurance, discussed the role financial institutions play in mobilizing private capital for public good.

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2014 World Wealth Report2014 World Wealth Report

In managing their wealth, many high net worth individuals (HNWIs) seek to achieve more than monetary returns. Making a positive impact on society through thoughtful investments of time, money, or expertise is increasingly important to this influential group. Explore how HNWIs are making a social impact in the 2014 World Wealth Report, produced by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management.

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Meaningful Business – Understanding Social EntrepreneursMeaningful Business – Understanding Social Entrepreneurs

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A new type of entrepreneur is emerging in Canada. While they are still relatively scarce, social entrepreneurs are distinguishing themselves by their desire to push beyond the financial bottom line to include social and environmental goals.  This study, commissioned by RBC, seeks to understand the extent to which businesses are going beyond financial returns, while assessing how successful they’ve been at balancing their sometimes conflicting priorities.

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Financing Social Good – A Primer on Impact Investing in CanadaFinancing Social Good – A Primer on Impact Investing in Canada

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A revolution is underway in the way that we resolve complex social and environmental problems. As government and philanthropic resources become increasingly stretched, the private sector is stepping up to deliver business expertise and private capital to help address these challenges. This primer on impact investing provides an overview of how private capital is being mobilized for social good in Canada.

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Green Bonds: Fifty Shades of GreenGreen Bonds: Fifty Shades of Green

Green Bonds are capital-raising instruments used for projects with positive environmental benefits. The global Green Bond market has seen rapid growth since the first issuance in 2007. This report, produced by RBC Capital Markets, provides an overview of the financial tool as well as key insights into the opportunities and challenges within this emerging market.

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State of the Nation: Impact Investing in CanadaState of the Nation: Impact Investing in Canada

As interest and activity around impact investing continues to grow in Canada, so does the demand for information around trends and opportunities. The State of the Nation Report provides updated information and analysis that can inform both new and existing actors in the impact investment sector.

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Harnessing the power of social financeHarnessing the power of social finance: Canadians respond to the National Call for Concepts for Social Finance

As part of broader efforts to research the potential of social finance to augment existing programs with new capital and new ideas, Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, asked Canadians to participate in the National Call for Concepts for Social Finance.

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Monitor Institute: Investing for Social & Environmental ImpactMonitor Institute: Investing for Social & Environmental Impact

Outlining the current state and shape of impact investing, this report speaks to investors, advisors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists about accelerating the impact and growth of impact investing as the sector evolves.

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JP Morgan: Impact Investments: An emerging asset classJP Morgan: Impact Investments: An emerging asset class

A thorough review of the impact investing landscape, this report examines the types of investors, investments, impacts, and financial return expectations that help to define how impact investments are managed and the vast market opportunity for investment.

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Canadian Task Force on Social Finance: Mobilizing Private Capital for Public GoodCanadian Task Force on Social Finance: Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good

This report recommends seven key actions for Canada to mobilize new sources of capital, create an enabling tax and regulatory environment, and build a pipeline of investment-ready social enterprises within the social finance and impact investing landscape.

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