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Do you enjoy building things? Can you work in extreme weather conditions? Do you like creating art?

As it turns out, the majority of job seekers fail to consider their own values, preferences and innate skills when deciding on what could turn out to be one of the most important decisions in their lives – their career.  Half our waking lives are spent at work yet; most rely on a combination of emotion, gut instinct and external advice from friends and family to inform their career decisions.  But what if there was a better, more scientific way to help guide these crucial decisions?

This all-too-common scenario is what prompted Spencer Thompson to develop Sokanu, the world’s most advanced career-matching platform that helps people understand what career suits them the most, and then guides them through the necessary steps to find meaningful employment. The mission of Sokanu is to measure people intrinsically, so answering the question “what do I want to do with my life” is less daunting and more precise.

Innovation and Philosophy

Sokanu has a unique psychometric assessment that measures people on 186 traits across 8 different categories including, personality, needs, culture, interests and abilities. This real-time, adaptive career test integrates rich user data with a data library of over 40M data points to create the most accurate career matching algorithm in the space. The assessment helps users think through career decisions by outlining their personality, ideal work environment, strengths and even things that might frustrate them on the job. 

The Sokanu Career Assessment Platform
The Sokanu Career Assessment Platform

Sokanu is also the Wikipedia of career databases, with over 4,000 articles, videos and books available for 700+ unique jobs. So, once the assessment has been completed, job-seekers can explore careers based on what’s important to them.  Better yet, the basic assessment is free.


Sokanu drives value in both the education and employment sectors by providing an empowering tool for students and early career seekers to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of a career that is most suitable for them.  The platform is inclusive, benefitting individuals with all levels of education, experience and training by considering a wide spectrum of indicators for the assessment and offering career matches from the entire employment continuum.  RBC’s investment will help Sokanu hire a team to increase enterprise sales and continue development on the assessment tool.


Key Details

Investee: Sokanu

Location: Vancouver, BC

RBC Investment Details: $150,000 equity

Date of initial RBC investment: September 2015