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Social Capital Partners (SCP)

Social Capital Partners


Social Capital Partners (SCP) helps to improve access to employment for disadvantaged groups. SCP works with community partners and private sector businesses to develop solutions to the issues faced by job seekers and employers.

Through the Community Employment Loan program, SCP facilitates access to low interest financing for entrepreneurs and small business owners when they commit to hiring those at a disadvantage, such as youth, new Canadians, and people with disabilities. The terms of the Community Employment Loan are directly linked to outcomes. For every employee an entrepreneur hires from a community partner, the interest rate on the loan decreases.

This type of financing attracts community-minded business owners who have a high number of entry-level positions with the potential for career growth and advancement. It's a win-win scenario. More job seekers from disadvantaged population groups are offered opportunities for meaningful employment, while entrepreneurs gain access to attractive financing terms and motivated employees.


Innovation and Philosophy

Since its inception in 2001, SCP has explored new ways to improve access to meaningful work for individuals who find themselves at a disadvantage. SCP works closely with key players in the private, public and non-profit sectors to design new employment models. The Community Employment Loan program is one result of this approach.



The RBC investment will enable:

  • More employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, across more organizations, geographies and sectors
  • A unique and scalable approach to impact investing, providing both financial and social returns
  • Interest in similar impact investing strategies from the private sector and other mainstream financial institutions in Canada

SCP has facilitated access to more than $3.5 million in financing for more than 50 small businesses in the hospitality and automotive industries.

The impact these business owners have had on their communities is evident through the hundreds of meaningful employment opportunities they have provided to job seekers from disadvantaged populations across Ontario, especially for youth and new Canadians.

Entrepreneurs include owners of Baton Rouge, Shoeless Joe's, Meineke, Mr. Lube and Active Green & Ross franchise systems to a name a few. They work alongside SCP's community employment partners to host job fairs, recruit job candidates and provide post-employment supports.

The success of these relationships can be attributed to the financial incentives of the Community Employment Loan, the strong leadership and commitment of employers, as well as the nature of the businesses' entry-level jobs.


Key Details

Investee: Social Capital Partners (opens external website in new window)

Location: Canada (headquartered in Toronto, Ontario)

Industry: Recruitment and training

Vision: To improve access to job opportunities and training for at-risk youth, single parents, new Canadians, people with disabilities and aboriginals

RBC investment details: $250,000 equity and $450,000 debt commitment

Date of initial RBC investment: November 28, 2013