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Renewal Funds

renewal Funds


Renewal Funds invests in early-growth-stage companies in Canada and the United States that are focused on organic and natural food, green products and environmental innovation. These areas are critical to a sustainable society and are currently underserved by traditional investors.



Renewal Funds supports businesses that encourage consumers, businesses and governments to make more sustainable choices. Whether avoiding toxins in food, skin care products and clothing, or choosing more sustainable transportation options, consumers are becoming more conscious. By providing choices that are better for consumers and the environment at small price premiums, the companies Renewal Funds supports are positioned for strong financial growth and will increase the availability of sustainable products and services.

Renewal Funds will invest in companies with $1 to $20 million dollars in annual revenue operating in sectors that are traditionally underserved by venture capital funds. Renewal Funds will provide patient capital, often partnering with investee companies for five to seven years.



In addition to expected financial returns, RBC’s investment will help Renewal Funds fund businesses that provide:

  • Healthier food systems for people and the planet
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduced toxicity in our environment
  • Improved economic inclusion through Fair Trade and employee ownership programs

What Renewal Funds Invests in

You are on: Better Bean

Better Bean

Better Bean (opens external website in new window) is pioneering a new grocery category with a line of innovative and delicious fresh beans sold in a refrigerated format similar to fresh hummus. The company was borne out of the father-daughter founding team’s passion for tasty, healthy vegetarian food and the goal of bringing delicious, convenient beans to consumers.

You are on: OptiRTC


OptiRTC is an innovative technology company, based in Boston, MA, that optimizes stormwater management through the dynamic control and monitoring of rainwater infrastructure. Opti currently offers three products: combined-sewer overflow management, rainwater harvesting optimization, and water quality O&M support for both gray and green infrastructure.

You are on: Cascadia Windows

Cascadia Windows

Cascadia specializes in expansive, large pane fibreglass custom windows which are more energy efficient than aluminum or vinyl windows, improving the energy footprint of a building by as much as 80 per cent. The company has rapidly grown to become an industry leader in the green building sector driven by performance products, superior service and a team culture of innovation.

You are on: Prana


Prana specializes in transforming and selling delicious 100 per cent organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free snacks, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods. The husband and wife team founded Prana based on their love of travel and desire to bring superfoods and healthy, pure ingredients from around the world into the kitchens of families in North America.

You are on: Sensible Organics

Sensible Organics

Sensible Organics (opens external website in new window) (previously Sensibility Soaps) was the first personal care manufacturer in the United States to receive organic certification by the USDA in 2003 and is now recognized for its cutting-edge R&D in the organics industry and has formulated and manufactured products for notable brands such as Whole Foods, Desert Essence and Dr. Mercola. In addition to private labelling, the company markets and sells its own brand, “Nourish (opens external website in new window).”

You are on: Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth (opens external website in new window) creates gourmet plant-based recipes with bold, international flavours. The company’s creations are filled with fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients including ancient grains, which are both high in protein and a huge win for the environment.


Key Details

Investee: Renewal Funds (opens external website in new window)

Location: Vancouver-based fund that invests in companies across North America

Industry: Early-growth-stage organic and natural food, green products and environmental innovation

Vision: To support North American entrepreneurs in organic and natural food, green products and environmental innovation companies

RBC investment details: $1,000,000 equity

Date of initial RBC investment: November 21, 2013