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The ArcTern Ventures Fund

The ArcTern Ventures Fund

The ArcTern Ventures Fund invests in companies exploring breakthrough technologies. This Canadian venture fund focuses on cleantech investing and has developed a unique, early-stage investment model through its partnership with the MaRS Discovery District, one of the largest innovation centres in the world. Through ArcTern Ventures, the fund provides strategic advisory services and introduces investees to global corporate partners.

So far, the fund has invested in technologies such as:

  • Next-generation biofuels
  • Grid-scale energy storage
  • Home energy automation
  • Waste recycling
  • Distribution grid sensors
  • Next-generation lighting substrates

Innovation and Philosophy

The global demand for clean and sustainable technologies, fueled by rising energy prices, concern for carbon emissions and resource scarcity, will continue to grow. The fund targets solutions to these issues by providing early-stage capital for emerging companies.

Few investment funds can capitalize on these early-stage opportunities because the resource commitment per investment is high, and it’s difficult to find enough potential investees to select the best opportunity. The ArcTern Ventures Fund counters this by leveraging its relationship with ArcTern Ventures, gaining access to a strong network of innovators developing clean and sustainable technologies.



In addition to the expected financial returns, RBC’s investment will:

  • Enable the fund to promote cleantech innovation
  • Foster long-term growth and demand for sustainable technologies
  • Continue to build the cleantech ecosystem in Ontario

What the ArcTern Ventures Fund Invests In

You are on: GreenMantra


GreenMantra has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert waste plastics into high value synthetic wax. The company can build small modular plants that can be located close to large industrial wax users or waste plastic processors, which changes the entire wax industry structure.

You are on: Smart Energy Instruments

Smart Energy Instruments

Smart Energy Instruments (SEI) has created the first universal measurement and communications core for next-generation intelligent devices in power systems. These smart sensor devices provide real-time measurements which are time-synchronized across the grid, providing electric utilities and system operators with an unprecedented ability to monitor, understand and control electric power grids.

You are on: CircuitMeter


CircuitMeter has broken the price barrier for real-time financial-grade electrical metering solutions for commercial buildings. Their proprietary platform is complemented by cloud-based analytics which generate alerts, historical and cross-portfolio analysis, and predictive fault detection. What was previously uneconomical to measure is now the basis of a highly granular energy dashboard.

You are on: Woodland Biofuels

Woodland Biofuels

Woodland Biofuels Inc. has developed and patented a low-cost process technology to produce cellulosic ethanol from waste biomass, such as wood chips and agricultural waste. Woodland’s efficient catalytic process puts them on track to be North America’s lowest-cost cellulosic ethanol producer. Their strategy is to build, own and operate cellulosic ethanol plants, together with pursuing selected licensing opportunities.

You are on: Polar Sapphire

Polar Sapphire

Polar Sapphire has developed a proprietary method of producing low-cost high-purity alumina. Alumina is used to make artificial sapphires, a key component of the LED lighting manufacturing process.

You are on: Hydrostor


Hydrostor develops low-cost grid-scale energy storage, using proprietary underwater compressed air (UWCAES). Hydrostor has two commercial-scale projects under development, one with Toronto Hydro and one in the Caribbean.

You are on: MMB Networks

MMB Networks

MMB’s RapidConnect platform enables manufacturers to accelerate time-to-market for smart home products. MMB’s platform provides manufacturers with the ability to connect their products seamlessly to all major smart home platforms and build a standalone branded solution controlled by a custom smartphone app and backed by cloud service support.

You are on: SPARQ Systems

SPARQ Systems

SPARQ’s next-generation microinverters solve the major challenges facing traditional microinverters: cost, lifespan, and advanced grid requirements. SPARQ’s broadly patented design makes it the first microinverter that can compete on price with centralized string inverters. SPARQ’s design enables it to use long-life film capacitors that can match the 25+ year lifespan of the solar panel. SPARQ is the first company in the world to launch a microinverter that supports pending advanced grid requirements, like reactive power and VAR compensation.

You are on: Morgan Solar

Morgan Solar

Morgan Solar’s next-generation solar technology is poised to deliver the world’s lowest cost solar energy. The company is bringing to market highly efficient, low cost light-guiding Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) systems and PV Balance Of System (BOS) components, with an aim to make solar power the world's most affordable and accessible energy source. All of our products combine revolutionary optics with well-established manufacturing processes.

You are on: Smarter Alloys

Smarter Alloys

Smarter Alloys is the only company in the world with the ability to embed multiple permanent memories or pseudo-elastic forces into a single-shape memory alloy (SMA). This groundbreaking innovation is being applied to create breakthroughs in a number of fields, including automotive, medical devices, aerospace, and even sporting equipment!


Key Details

Investee: ArcTern Ventures Fund LP (opens external website in new window)

Location: Southern Ontario

Industry: Cleantech

Vision: To profitably support Ontario cleantech companies that help meet growing global demand for clean technology

RBC investment details: $500,000 equity

Date of initial RBC investment: June 30, 2013