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RBC Social Finance Initiative

RBC’s social finance initiative is designed to ignite the growth of social finance in Canada. The initiative supports and nurtures businesses that deliberately seek to make positive contributions to the community. The initiative demonstrates the opportunity to invest in businesses that deliver social, environmental and financial returns.

RBC’s social finance initiative includes:

  • Establishing the $10 million RBC Generator Fund, a pool of capital to invest in for-profit businesses tackling social or environmental challenges.
  • Catalyzing the growth of social finance in Canada through strategic partnerships and thought leadership.
  • Investing at least $10 million of RBC Foundation assets in Socially Responsible Investments.
  • Exploring additional business opportunities for RBC in social finance.

About Social Finance

Social finance can open doors to new opportunities,
drive economic growth, protect our environment, offering a brighter and more sustainable future to all.

RBC Generator Fund

RBC has established its own investment fund to provide much-needed financing for enterprises addressing issues related to water, energy, and employment opportunities for youth or disadvantaged groups.

Trusted Resources

We have gathered some facts and research on the rise of social finance and impact investing to help you learn more about this growing area.

What we're up to

RBC invests in the growth of social finance in Canada through sponsorships, participation in conferences and events, partnerships and support for entrepreneurs.


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Does your for-profit business tackle social and environmental challenges? If so, you may be eligible for financing from the RBC Generator.

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What is Social Finance?