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Nudge Rewards

Nudge Rewards

Large organizations often find it challenging to engage employees in environmental, wellness and community-focused programs. Nudge Rewards is a Canadian venture that has developed an engagement and analytics software platform to reward environmental, wellness, and community actions through mobile engagement.


The Nudge Rewards platform includes:

  • A mobile application that engages and rewards individuals for positive behaviours in real-time
  • A customized web-based management and analytics platform that allows program administrators to set objectives and measure results

Innovation and Philosophy

Traditional employee engagement tools often result in limited awareness and engagement rates. Organizations find it difficult to gather and analyze meaningful data, which limits the demonstrated impact of their programs. Recognizing this challenge fueled the creation of the Nudge Rewards platform.

The Nudge Rewards platform has two parts: a web-based management system and a set of mobile applications. Program administrators use the management system to input their environmental, wellness, and community objectives, and then monitor, track and evaluate program performance over time. The management software helps program administrators translate large corporate sustainability goals (i.e., energy reduction, increased volunteer hours, and healthy living) into smaller actions communicated to program participants through the mobile app.

The mobile app uses gamification, social features and intelligent content to drive user engagement. As users interact with the app, complete positive actions and share ideas, they earn points and gain rewards. The administrators collect data on how engaged users are in the initiatives, as well as on the impact of the program, and they gain insight into which initiatives resonate most.



Nudge Rewards works with private sector, government and not-for-profit organizations to leverage the power of mobile engagement and rewards to drive positive action. The Nudge Rewards platform increases employee engagement and participation in corporate sustainability initiatives.

RBC’s investment will help to increase Nudge Rewards’ impact by allowing Nudge Rewards to:

  • Enhance the Nudge Rewards software offering
  • Build strategic partnerships and further develop client relationships

Key Details

Investee: Nudge Rewards (opens external website in new window)

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Industry: Web/IT

Vision: To build the world’s leading mobile engagement platform that enables and rewards healthy living and environmental and community actions

RBC investment details: $375,000 equity

Date of initial RBC investment: October 2013