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Endurance Wind Power

endurance wind power - we power the futureOverview

The global renewable energy market is experiencing rapid growth. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy sources are expected to deliver 31 per cent of global electricity generation by 2035(1). Companies like Endurance Wind Power are helping transform the global energy mix by developing more efficient and cost-effective means of generating and distributing renewable energy.

Since 2007, Endurance has focused on designing and manufacturing advanced induction-based small and medium wind turbines, which produce energy at industry-leading levelized cost of energy. In 2012, the company expanded into Distributed Energy Solutions (DES) by owning and operating its own highly efficient turbines on leased land. RBC's investment will go towards growing this high-growth business segment.

Over the last four years, Endurance has shipped more than 700 turbines across North America and Europe. Endurance turbines have logged well over 8.7 million hours of operation, an industry leading benchmark in the medium-sized wind turbine market. The turbines are typically installed in residential settings, university campuses and hospital parking lots.

Endurance was founded in 2007 and has 150 employees across five countries, including Canada (with its head office in Surrey, British Columbia), the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy. Endurance has a reputation for engineering expertise and innovation in new product development.


Innovation and Philosophy

The 50kW E Series captures more energy than other models on the market, while the induction generator and absence of invertors results in no electrical conversion loss. These features help drive the E Series wind turbine model to claim one of the lowest costs per kilowatt hour in its class.

Endurance is leveraging this market-leading technology to grow the DES business, which produces highly valuable and predictable revenue streams. As a result, Endurance can operate its DES business profitably in many markets in the absence of incentives.



In addition to the expected financial returns, RBC's investment will:

  • Build sustainable energy generation capacity in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy
  • Help increase accessibility to clean energy by driving down costs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment

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Key Details

Investee: Endurance Wind Power (opens external website in new window)

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

Industry: Renewable energy

Vision: Investment to help grow a Canadian wind turbine company

RBC investment details: $1,000,000 equity

Date of initial RBC investment: June 2014