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Our Approach

Banks have a significant impact on people, communities and countries. Our first priority is doing our jobs as bankers well, and serving our clients with integrity, every day. At RBC, we also take our responsibilities in the community, marketplace, workplace and to the planet seriously.

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Vision and Values

The RBC vision and values are the 'what’ and 'how’ of our business strategy. Together, they serve as a compass for our sustainability journey.

Learn more about our vision and values.

Our Pledges and Priorities

At RBC, we focus on six distinct areas. Our commitments in these six areas make up our overall community and sustainability strategy.

Expand Vibrant Communities

Expand Sustainable Environment

Expand Prosperous Economy

Expand Thriving Marketplace

Expand Rewarding Workplace

Expand Corporate Integrity

Learn about our performance in these six areas.

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The People and Groups Who Are Affected by RBC

We touch many lives and there are lots of opinions on what we should do to be a responsible corporate citizen. We take great care to listen to those opinions so we are better able to make a positive difference.

Our stakeholders include:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Current and prospective investors
  • Socially responsible investments (SRI) community
  • Suppliers
  • Governments
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Regulators
  • Community partners

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Stakeholder Dialogue

Our clients, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders aren't shy about sharing their opinions with us or calling us out if they don't agree with how RBC approaches the issues that matter to them. So we try not to shy away from having conversations about some of the tough issues, such as those shown here.

Corporate Integrity

Expand Can banks ever be trusted again?

Economic Impact

Expand Banks aren't doing anything to create economic value.


Expand Financial matters are so complicated nowadays. It's no wonder so many people are in debt.

Expand How can I be sure it's safe to bank online?


Expand What are you doing to promote diversity?


Expand Banks should just stop doing business with customers who harm the environment.


Expand You made record profits in 2012. How are you giving back to communities?

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Awards and Indices

A company's reputation is built in part by what people say about it. We have been recognized for our sustainability efforts and performance through awards and listings on sustainability indices around the world.

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Did You Know?

15 million
Number of RBC personal, business, public sector and institutional clients.


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