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Innovative Partnership Bridges Gap for Emerging Artists

Far too many arts graduates with loads of talent find themselves working at lackluster jobs, while their dream is to make their living as artists. Unfortunately, as most art students will agree, a freshly-inked arts diploma is not a guaranteed ticket to a flourishing career in the arts. RBC and Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD) have come up with a creative solution. It basically involves bridging the gap between the academic and entrepreneurial world of the arts through an innovative partnership.

The RBC NSCAD Emerging Artists Project supports three distinct and high-profile projects: the Graduation Catalogue, the Graduation Exhibition and Art Exchange, an off-campus gallery in the nearby RBC Dominion Securities office in Halifax, NS.

So much of student life at NSCAD is focused on creating art. The lessons learned through the RBC Emerging Artists Project, however, help them develop into successful professional artists through exposure to the business side of the equation.

The partnership between NSCAD and RBC works on so many levels, from raising the profile of the students in the community and providing them with a professional self-marketing tool in the Graduate Catalogue to building key business skills - so essential to their future success as working artists.

For Tom Froese, BDes '09, designing the 2008 Graduation Catalogue was the first real-world project over which he had full creative control. “I was able to flex all my design muscles and grow new ones, as I had to be art director, production artist, photographer, project manager, strategist and event planner, all at the same time.”