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RBC supports Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

May 8 2013 - On May 21 – 22, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will host the Grey to Green conference, a unique opportunity for leaders to share green infrastructure best practices, network and brainstorm creative solutions. The RBC Blue Water Project is sponsoring the conference, aligning with the project’s new focus on supporting initiatives that help protect and preserve water in towns, cities and urbanized areas.

All around North America, cities are shifting from ‘grey to green’ approaches to developing and renewing their infrastructure. Green infrastructure involves the use of living systems such as green roofs and walls, urban forests, wetlands, porous paving systems and rain gardens as well as supportive technologies such as engineered soils and water storage and transportation systems.

Green infrastructure approaches can complement traditional grey infrastructure, and in some cases offer totally new solutions, with multiple, stacking benefits for taxpayers and all citizens.

The conference is designed to engage participants in new ways of thinking about project design, utility regulation and infrastructure capital and maintenance costs. Moving beyond green roofs, the conference agenda also includes keynote presentations and panel discussions on the urban heat effect, life cycle costs and benefits of green roofs. The event will take place at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, ON. Visit for more details.