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RBC Blue Water Project

Launched in 2007, the RBC Blue Water Project is a 10-year global charitable commitment of $50 million to help provide access to drinkable, swimmable, fishable water, now and for future generations.

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Who We Support

To date, RBC has pledged over $41 million to more than 700 charitable organizations worldwide that protect watersheds and promote access to clean drinking water, with an additional $8.8 million pledged to universities for water programs.

How You Can Help

Find out how you can help protect water in our growing towns and cities.

RBC Canadian Water Attitudes Study

We have been polling Canadians about their attitudes towards water annually since 2008. View news releases and request full poll results here.

Water and The Economy

As a bank, we want to help create an environment where businesses can succeed in addressing the world's water challenges and ensure we understand the water issues our clients are facing.


Apply for Funding

Need support for a charitable initiative that protects water in our growing towns and cities? Apply for an RBC Blue Water Project grant in late 2014.


Video Gallery

RBC Blue Water

RBC Blue Water

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