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Water and the Economy

As pressure mounts on the world's limited water resources, individuals, industries and governments will all have to start managing our shared water resources more efficiently. There is clearly a role for business in offering innovative solutions.

As a financial services company, RBC has a role in helping create an environment where new and innovative companies can succeed in addressing the world's water challenges. We expect that our clients will start to take advantage of opportunities to:

  • Repair or replace aging pipes and water mains;
  • Develop energy-smart technologies for reusing, recycling and treating water;
  • Provide smarter systems for water management;
  • Create desalination and energy-efficient water technologies; or
  • Consult on water efficiency in food production and manufacturing.

Partnerships and Other Initiatives

The RBC Blue Water Project is also involved in partnerships and initiatives that promote responsible water use and raise awareness about the economic value of water. We hope to build a shared understanding between business, government and others about the broad economic and environmental impacts of water, in an effort to create a shared agenda for water sustainability.


Blue Economy Initiative

We were a founding partner of the Blue Economy Initiative, a two-year venture launched in 2011 intended to make a clear case for the critical role water plays in Canada's economy. The Blue Economy Initiative provided information to Canadians and key decision makers about the economic benefits of protecting Canada's fresh water, and the economic risks of neglecting the health of our watersheds. Reports produced by the Blue Economy Initiative include:


Apply for Funding

Need support for a charitable initiative related to the environment? Apply for a RBC Environmental Donation.