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Promoting Environmental Sustainability

We try to use our influence and resources to promote environmental sustainability within our organization and in the communities where we operate. By participating in prominent global initiatives, collaborating with environmental organizations, producing industry leading research, and openly sharing our learnings, we foster deeper links between the environment, communities and the economy.

Our Leadership Role

Protecting the earth is an effort that involves everyone. We have committed to a number of global initiatives that encourage open and proactive dialogue with our stakeholders and peers including:


Our Priority Issues & Programs

When promoting environmental sustainability, we focus our efforts on three priority environmental issues: climate change, sustainable communities and water. Here’s a look at some of our programs that promote a deeper understanding of these important issues.

You are on: Climate Change

While global and regional agreements to address climate change have been slow to develop, corporate policies to encourage clean technology, energy efficiency and renewable energy have become increasingly common. At RBC, we seek to understand the full scope of risks and opportunities associated with conventional and alternative energy development and power generation.

Unburnable Carbon and Stranded Assets: What Investors Need to Know

It’s been suggested only a fraction of the fossil fuel reserves of publicly listed energy producers can be developed if dangerous levels of global warming are to be avoided. The implication of this means a large proportion of fossil fuel reserves could be destined to become “unburnable carbon” or “stranded assets.” In 2014, Royal Bank of Canada, Suncor Energy and NEI Investments hosted a day of learning to explore the science and economics of the energy sector and better understand the full range of environmental, social and economic factors that could result in stranded assets.


Be In the Know

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Research Archive

We research complex environmental issues to better understand their impact on our communities, clients and business. Find out what we’ve learned over the years.

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