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Promoting Environmental Sustainability

We try to use our influence and resources to promote environmental sustainability within our organization and in the communities where we operate. We invest in research on emerging environmental issues, participate in industry and professional associations to advance the dialogue on business and the environment, and fund environmental organizations and causes.

Our Leadership Role

We have committed to a number of global initiatives including:


Collaboration and Engagement

Protecting the earth is an effort that involves everyone. That’s why we engage in open and proactive dialogue with our stakeholders and peers. We also invest in activities that help foster a spirit of cooperation among communities, governments, business and special interest groups.


Cultivating a Climate of Sustainability

You are on: Funding

We invest in research and other activities that foster a deeper collective knowledge of emerging environmental trends and promote more sustainable business practices.

Examples of Sponsorships and Donations include:

You are on: NGOs

We are in regular contact with a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss environmental issues related to policy development, transaction review, portfolio management, operational impacts and business development opportunities, including:



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