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Green Products & Services

Helping Clients Make a Difference

Many of our clients are concerned about the environment and want to reduce their footprint. One of our key commitments is to provide solutions: environmental products and services that empower clients with options – from e-statements to carbon trading.

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Banking Options

Reduce your banking footprint and increase convenience by choosing one or a combination of these banking options.

Electronic Statements

Save trees by switching to electronic statements. RBC offers eStatements for:

RBC Energy Saver™ Loan1

Make a qualifying environmentally-friendly purchase and receive a 1% discount or a $100 home energy audit rebate on a fixed-interest rate installment loan over $5,000.

RBC Energy-Saver Mortgage1

Receive a $300 Rebate on a Home Energy Audit with this mortgage.

Solar Panel Financing1

Are you thinking about installing a renewable energy system to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs? RBC Royal Bank® offers Canadians advice and solutions for solar panel financing.

1) All residential mortgages and personal lending products are offered by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria

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Banking Options

Business owners who are pressed for time and want to do right by the environment will appreciate the convenience and environmentally-friendly aspects of RBC Royal Bank® online and mobile banking options.

Electronic Statements

Save trees, reduce fraud and improve business efficiency by switching to electronic statements. RBC Royal Bank offers e-Statements on Business Deposit Accounts.

Solar Panel Financing

Thinking about installing a renewable energy system to significantly reduce your business's energy costs and carbon footprint? RBC Royal Bank offers Canadian businesses advice and solutions for solar panel financing, including vendor financing.

Advice on Greening Your Business

The Greening Your Business section of our Commercial Advice Centre offers valuable tools and resources to support you on your journey to environmental sustainability.

Cleantech Specialists

RBC Royal Bank has a team of commercial banking specialists in Canada providing advice and solutions to help your clean technology company grow.

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Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)

Reach your financial goals while staying true to your personal values. RBC Global Asset Management® offers a number of investment options that incorporate environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance with traditional investment analysis.

Our SRI offerings include the following funds available in Canada:

View all RBC® SRI offerings and learn more about our approach to SRI

SRI Wealth Management Group

To support the growth in socially responsible investing among high net-worth individuals, foundations, unions, and pension funds, our SRI Wealth Management Group provides SRI expertise to clients across the United States

Access Capital Strategies

Access Capital Strategies is a pioneer in the creation of secondary markets for Community Development Investments by creating specialized mortgages and asset-backed securities that support low- and moderate-income homebuyers, affordable housing, education, health care and job creation in underserved communities in the United States.

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Green Bonds

Green bonds are used by development banks, governments, financial institutions, and corporations to raise funding for projects with environmental benefits. RBC Capital Markets ensures clients have access to this emerging fixed income product, and has acted as a Lead Manager on several green bond issuances since 2010 with notable global issuers including The World Bank, European Investment Bank and most recently the Province of Ontario.

Carbon Trading

Carbon trading is a market approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. RBC Capital Markets® offers carbon trading capabilities for credits traded through the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the North America Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and other markets.

Clean Energy and Technology Solutions

RBC Capital Markets has a long history of providing credit, debt and equity underwriting services, and advisory services to both the renewable power generation and clean technology sectors.

Investments in Green Affordable Housing

Green buildings and communities help protect the environment. The RBC Tax Credit Equity Group regularly invests in LEED certified and other green affordable housing projects in the United States.



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