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Aboriginal People

We work with Aboriginal communities to build relationships of mutual understanding, trust and respect. Together, we help strengthen Aboriginal communities, protect our heritage and our environment.

Strong Communities

Good health, social support, proper housing, and a respect for cultural values are hallmarks of strong communities. We make significant contributions to projects, initiatives and organizations that help Aboriginal communities thrive.


Respect for the Environment

We realize that identity, cultural beliefs and economies of Aboriginal societies are intricately connected to the natural world. We also believe that environmental protection should be respectful of Aboriginal knowledge, That’s why, in addition to our large investments in environmental causes, we support the engagement of Aboriginal People in leading environmental efforts. For instance, our grant to the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW) will be used to work with the Assembly of First Nations on creating a First Nations Water Commission.


Education and Training

We understand the importance of education in helping to shape the future for today’s Aboriginal youth. That’s why we fund programs that help Aboriginal youth stay in school and pursue post-secondary education. For instance, through our Aboriginal Student Awards Program, more than 100 students have received scholarships for post-secondary education.

For further information, please visit our Aboriginal Banking website.


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