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Guidelines and Eligibility

Worthy causes and organizations are abundant in the communities where we do business. We try to focus our support on the areas where we can have the greatest positive impact, and choose organizations based on a number of guidelines. Here are general guidelines and eligibility criteria for sponsorships and donations. We apply additional criteria to certain funding projects, as described below.

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Sponsorships are an integral part of RBC’s marketing and promotional activities. Looking to submit a proposal for sponsorship? Find out more about our program:


RBC is always looking to help bring great events and ideas to life. Our preferred - but not exclusive - areas of sponsorship are:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Olympics
  • Golf
  • Environment – with a focus on water

Proposals in other categories are evaluated on how well they support the strategies of our various business.

Here’s where to send your proposal.

Your Proposal

Here are some tips and suggestions when completing online proposal.

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General Application Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all RBC donation requests. Some of our projects have additional guidelines which are accessible by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

Donations Strategy

We are dedicated to working with charitable organizations that share our goal to help make a difference in local communities and regions where we do business. We receive about 30,000 requests for funding each year - more than ten for every hour of the business day. We encourage synergies between organizations. Our goal is to ensure that our charitable partners have sustainable sources of funding and use their donors' funds responsibly.

Our donations professionals follow a rigorous process when evaluating proposals to ensure our funds are invested with the utmost care and responsibility. The process includes a complete assessment of your charity's financial statements as well as its fiscal management and governance practices. We require our charitable partners to clearly demonstrate the social impact of our contribution.

Read below to find out how applications are evaluated so that you can judge your strategic fit with our corporate donations program.

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Project-Specific Guidelines

The following projects have additional eligibility guidelines:


Organizations we support