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RBC Environmental Donations Guidelines & Eligibility

RBC Environmental donations aim to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water while simultaneously supporting initiatives in the area of climate action. Our approach builds on the knowledge, expertise and network of partners resulting from our 10 year, $50 million RBC Blue Water Project commitment. We will continue to support organizations addressing water challenges and have expanded our approach to include initiatives that help address issues related to climate change.

RBC's commitment to water and climate action align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 6: Clean Water; and SDG 13: Climate Action.

In order to positively influence our environment, we need to not only address the issues at hand, but how we plan on confronting them. The most impactful programs often require multi-sector expertise which is why RBC's goal is to bring the right partners together to tackle these global challenges. The program aims to create multi-sector partnerships to create positive progress.

We will donate to charitable programs that align to the following two focus areas:

Focus Area #1: Water Management
Ensure availability and sustainable management of water

  • Influenced by SDG 6

We will donate to charitable programs that align with one or more of the goals below:

  • Improve water quality
  • Increase water-use efficiency across all sectors and/or improve water conservation
  • Protect and/or re-mediate urban waterways
  • Increase knowledge/awareness of protecting urban waterways and/or water management

Focus Area #2: Climate Action
Take urgent action to address climate change and its impacts

  • Influenced by SDG 13

We will donate to charitable programs that align with one or more of the goals below:

  • Mitigate climate change and/or strengthen resilience to its impacts
  • Increase knowledge/awareness about climate change, resulting in behavior change

Technology & the Environment

The environmental challenges of today are growing in scope and scale at a rate that often outpaces the solutions designed to address them. We recognize that technology offers immense potential to develop innovative solutions that provide new pathways to address those challenges. RBC is leveraging its technology capabilities in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and app development to work with charitable partners to address water and climate challenges. Although not a mandatory requirement for our support, we are actively seeking partners who share our vision and are pursuing technology based solutions to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water or address the impacts of climate change.

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