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Student Competitions and Scholarships

1. Student Competitions

The Next Great Innovator Challenge

At RBC, we are serious about innovation. We like to ask questions that start out, “what if we….?” and “why do it this way?” We are constantly looking for innovative approaches to every facet of our business.

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s rooted in corporate values, and in how a company interacts with the world. At RBC Royal Bank, innovation is one of our core values.

For more information regarding the Next Great Innovator Challenge and how you can become involved please visit us at: (opens in new window)

2. Scholarships

We are committed to education, providing millions of dollars in scholarship funding to organizations across the country.

Learn More (opens in new window)


Application Assistance

If you are a person with a disability and have questions or would like help with your application, please email our team.