RBC National Aboriginal Day 2013 – Career Snapshot

Troy Myers

Troy Myers

Commercial Account Manager
Commercial Banking, P&CB


Tell us about your current role and where you’re from (heritage).

I’m Cree/Dene from Cold Lake First Nations in Treaty Six, Alberta and currently living in Vancouver, B.C. Armed with a Master of Arts in Professional Communication with a specialization in Intercultural and International Communication; and a diploma in Aboriginal Self-Governance, I have extensive experience and knowledge in Aboriginal community development and project management. I have worked both internationally and across Canada, contributing to Aboriginal governance, health programming, and providing technical support, as a consultant, educator, advocate, and lobbyist.

Royal Eagles was one of the first employee resource groups established at RBC to connect employees who are interested in building awareness and learning more about Canada’s Aboriginal cultures and communities. How has being part of an employee resource group impacted your experience at RBC?

What I value about my time with the Royal Eagles is that I’ve found it to be a welcoming and inclusive space where I meet and network with great people. Together we have strategized to foster diversity within the organization, and I’ve seen new members step forward into leadership roles within the Employee Resource Group because they find it a worthwhile place to be. The other benefits I’ve gained since joining this group and seeing it evolve is the balance and personal fulfillment it’s brought to my work, and that it’s broadened my sense of community and belonging within the organization.

Can you advise why you chose to join RBC?

I met a Recruitment Advisor at a community event, and we discussed the potential career options within RBC. From there I researched RBC’s work environment and corporate commitments, and was impressed by the many awards and recognition for the focus on diversity and employee satisfaction. Most notable was that there was a group within RBC for Aboriginal employees to network and engage with each other. These factors influenced my choice to join RBC.

Today is National Aboriginal Day. How will you be celebrating?

I look forward to spending time with other RBC employees at Trout Lake in Vancouver, which is where I’ve gone every year since moving to Vancouver. Trout Lake and Oppenheimer Park will be the main locations for National Aboriginal Day festivities and celebrations. RBC will also have a presence and a booth set up at Trout Lake and I look forward to seeing colleagues, friends, and family, and to enjoy the many talented aboriginal artist performances.

Aside from spending time with family and friends, what’s your favourite thing to do when you have time to yourself?

I love getting out on the ocean. Growing up, I spent a lot of time fishing on the lakes in Alberta, so I really enjoy getting out on the Ocean now that I live in B.C. I love seeing the diverse wildlife in the water and along the coast and learning about the underwater inhabitants. I can travel out on my boat for 20 minutes, yet feel very far away from the City at the same time. Everything looks and feels different when you’re out on the water.