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Interview Tips

Our interviewing process promotes a dialogue based on your previous accomplishments, demonstrated areas of improvement and potential for roles at RBC. In your interview with a recruiter, you may be asked behavioural-based interview questions. To make the most of this process, we recommend you follow the steps below:

  • When asked a question, frame your answer in three steps: Talk briefly about the situation, detail how you handled the issue and discuss the positive outcome (Situation > Action > Result).
  • Listen carefully. Ask for clarification if necessary. Answer the question completely.
  • Try to use recent examples; it’s much easier to provide details for a recent experience.
  • Illustrate your examples with experiences from previous jobs, internships, activities, team involvements and community services.

You should also be prepared to discuss how your skills and experience align with the role you’re discussing, and how you might approach success in the role if selected.

Following a successful interview with a recruiter, you will likely meet with the hiring manager.

  • When scheduling the interview, take the time to ask who will be involved in the interview, how much time you should allocate and any details about the location.
  • Before this interview, reflect on your knowledge of the business. For instance, do you know of any market changes/challenges and any industry practices you could apply to the role? Be prepared to share examples.
  • The hiring manager will also use this opportunity to gauge your fit with the role and how you’ll respond to team dynamics. Be natural, but remain positive and professional.
  • This interview is also your opportunity to assess if the role is right for you. Feel free to ask questions that will help you assess the opportunity.

Although you will likely interview with the person you’ll report to, you may also meet other potential team members in a panel interview. We’ve provided some tips below to assist you:

  • Sometimes the recruiter and hiring manager may choose to partner in the interview process.
  • It is natural to be nervous when more than one person interviews you. Look at this as an opportunity for you to meet some of your future colleagues.
  • If you can, obtain the names of those who will be present so you can match the names to the people as you enter the room. They may take turns asking questions; just remember to face the person who is speaking to you, as well as acknowledge the other people in the room throughout the interview.

Good luck!


Application Assistance

If you are a person with a disability and have questions or would like help with your application, please email our team.