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Interview Process

Since people are often nervous during job interviews, our recruiters are trained to help put you at ease and bring your talents to the fore.

They will ask you for examples of how you’ve behaved in certain situations in the past. For example:

“Tell me about a time when you met the needs of a client who did not make it clear what he wanted”


“Give me an example of when you played a key role in helping a team reach its objectives”.

We may also ask questions that will help us assess your technical skills, your fit with the organization and how you might respond to certain situations; the recruiter will examine how well your technical capabilities (i.e. computer skills, product knowledge) and behavioural capabilities (i.e. initiative, client stories) will suit your future responsibilities.


Application Assistance

If you are a person with a disability and have questions or would like help with your application, please email our team.