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Darine - Branch Manager


As a Branch Manager in Montreal, Darine has the best of both worlds… she encourages the healthy career development of her team while drawing on the support and resources of RBC to strategize her own career path.


“I’ve always believed RBC is a smart career move.”

Darine sees RBC as a very innovative company. And she would know, having progressed through a variety of branch roles through her 8-year RBC career. As she puts it, “there are always new products, services, processes and procedures to read up on. The tools, resources and knowledge here are infinite. There’s lots of ‘why don’t you try this?’ or ‘here’s what worked for me,’ and ‘let’s figure this out together’ here.” Additionally, she appreciates RBC’s commitment to a balance between work and life for herself and her employees. “We make every effort to accommodate scheduling and family needs with resources that include an online employee care centre, extensive benefits and personal assistance courses.” Her bottom line: “RBC is a solid organization. The vision for the future is clear and based on a deep and thorough consideration of the industry and social and economic factors, and the leadership at all levels shares strong values and goals.”


“There’s a culture of excellence here and it motivates me.”

By giving her team the same support she’s received through her RBC career, Darine is able to champion a progressive and positive environment for both clients and employees. “I can depend on RBC and RBC can depend on me. In turn, I commit to being extremely clear and specific about what I expect of my team and I make sure I reward performance.” To promote this culture of excellence, Darine remains accessible through the day, available to assist, coach and train staff. “Genuine effort and quality work never go unnoticed, and are recognized, appreciated and rewarded as much as positive results.” She keeps objectives clear, precise and measurable, realistic yet challenging. “Development is structured and personalized, based on the strengths, interests and needs of each individual.” The groundwork is laid for an enjoyable client experience as a result.


From A to Z with RBC

Darine says clients really appreciate the small details. “We focus on a wide array of small things – things that touch the client directly. If a client has taken the time to come into the branch, it’s my commitment to ensure an exceptional experience from A to Z.” Darine’s commitment includes circulating and meeting clients on the branch floor, or ensuring a greeter is always on hand to welcome people. Her staff shares her commitment to client service. “Our raison d’être is to provide sound financial advice to clients. This can be fulfilling, knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life.”


“What motivates me I in turn provide to my team.”

Darine is supported by her managers and mentors, and passes that support along to her branch team. She’s continually learning and growing, “encountering the challenges that keep me discovering new and better ways to deliver on the client promise.” Her goal is to complement her specialization in personal banking with more exposure to commercial banking, perhaps evolving to a role that encompasses both fields. As for her advice for people considering a career with RBC? “There are no drawbacks. I’d say you’d even be pleasantly surprised. You’ll be respected, listened to and supported, and you’ll be encouraged to determine your own career path.”


Application Assistance

If you are a person with a disability and have questions or would like help with your application, please email our team.