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Frequently Asked Questions

Expand What is the RBC Career Launch Program?


Expand How will this program benefit me?


Expand Is this like an internship?


Expand When does the application process open?


Expand If I get the job, when do I start?


Expand How do I apply?


Expand Can I apply to multiple cities?


Expand How will I know that my application has been submitted/received?


Expand Can I track the progress of my application?


Expand When will I know if I am selected for an interview?


Expand Where will the interviews be held?


Expand If I am a shortlisted candidate what do I need to provide?


Expand How many positions are available?


Expand How many people applied in 2014?


Expand How long is the contract?


Expand How much are the Associates going to be paid?


Expand What cities will the program take place in?


Expand How do I know if I’m eligible?


Expand My parent/family member works at RBC. Can I apply?


Expand Will this program be available to both English and French candidates?


Expand Can I choose the branch I want to work at?


Expand Will RBC pay for me to move if I’m hired in a city I don’t live in?


Expand Can I choose the type of community experience I want?


Expand Do Associates get to choose their area of focus in the third rotation of the program? How customized is this program for the Associates based on their particular area of interest?


Expand If I upload my application for the RBC Career Launch Program, will it override my existing applications (resume) with RBC?


Expand I am a person with a disability and require accommodation in order to submit my application. What do I do?

Expand I’m having problems with my application. Who can I contact?


Expand If I don’t get selected, how will I know?


Expand How do I hear about new job opportunities at RBC?


Expand I don’t have any previous financial services experience or business education. Should I still apply?


Expand Will candidates with a financial background have an advantage if they are hired?


Expand If I am hired as a RBC Career Launch Associate, will I receive comprehensive training on my assigned role?


Expand If I am hired as an RBC Career Launch Associate, what type of support will I receive to help me succeed in my role?


Expand What is the likelihood that I will be hired by RBC after the one-year program is complete?


Expand The RBC Career Launch Program is entering its third year. What are RBC Career Launch Associates saying about the program?


Expand How have RBC employees responded to the program?


Expand How are RBC’s community partners reacting to the program?


Important Dates

The application window is now closed.
Thank you to all who applied. Please check out Careers at RBC for information about other opportunities with RBC.

RBC Career Launch Program 2016 Report Learn More > (opens PDF in new window)
Read what others are talking about. Go to the Discussions.
So how do I apply?

It’s easy! Just download and fill out an application form and apply through the link below before the program deadline: October 26, 2015 at 12:00 noon EST.

Step 1: Download the application form.

Download now! 

Check out our essay-writing tips (opens new window), interview advice (opens new window), and some additional information about our selection process (opens new window).


Step 2: Apply!

Once your application form is completed, click on ‘Apply’, select the city and follow the steps to upload your application.


Want to apply in multiple cities? No problem. You are welcome to apply to positions in up to three cities.


Video: Ask a Grad: What’s it Like Working for RBC?

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