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Technology and Operations

Technology and Operations

With one of Canada’s largest technology and operations divisions, RBC provides diverse opportunities that are difficult to get anywhere else. Whether we’re developing new technology, inventing products for a changing world or creating innovative business models and systems – technology is at the foundation of everything we do.

Because we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of banking, we’re always looking for new ideas. Learn more about our Technology and Operations graduate programs and how you can get involved.

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RBC Employee Profiles


Deepta Rayner
Senior Manager, Client Engagement, Loyalty & Rewards, Cards & Payments Solutions

RBC program: P&CB Leadership Program

Education: BSc Environment & Resource Management, University of Western Ontario; MBA, Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto

Job specs: I’m responsible for developing and executing the strategy for the client experience within RBC Rewards. From eMails to online experiences and everything in between, I collaborate with multiple internal RBC partners, including Marketing, Product Managers, Research, and IT to name a few, to build stronger relationships with our members in a multi-channel world.

My RBC experience: Building upon my previous work experience, the P&CB Leadership Program gave me the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in Personal & Commercial Banking. My four rotations provided me with the knowledge, insights, and network I needed to hit the ground running in my current role.

Advice for students: Be yourself and be authentic. Understand your strengths and what sets you apart from your peers and be able to effectively articulate these to others. Do your research on the company, its people and culture to ensure a good fit. Large companies like RBC offer both conventional and unconventional career paths that are equally interesting and rewarding.

Imran, Verjee
Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Mutual Fund Distribution and RBC Financial Planning

RBC program: P&CB Leadership Program

Education: BA, Queens University; MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University

Job specs: I support RBC’s financial planning business in two main areas – business strategy development, and financial planning for the sales role strategy. I lead the ongoing day to day financial planning business and sales role strategy, which means that I am the first point of contact for escalations from financial planners and related roles, and I represent the business in various cross functional initiatives such as learning and development to ensure that our financial planners have the right capabilities and competencies, are focused on the right clients and that we are growing our number of target clients. I also support the financial planning role for business and sales role strategic initiatives, including role design and performance framework, and our team is accountable for building the strategies and delivering them to the field.

My RBC experience: The thing I like most is just the breadth of opportunity to meet different people – I’ve met many diverse and intelligent people since I have been here. RBC is a high performing organization and it keeps me energized to meet so many smart people with different perspectives.

Advice for students: Go with the organization that can win your mind and heart. There are a lot more opportunities out there than graduates realize. Evaluate your options. This company won me and it will happen when you walk in the door. Do your homework on the world you are walking into. To get the job – be the best, but be authentically you so you will find that best long term fit.

Rahul Sharma
Project Manager, RBC Capital Markets

RBC program: Summer MBA Intern

Education: BSc Mathematics, Garhwal University; MCA, Maharshi Dayanand University; MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Job specs: I manage the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) derivative reform project. My role entails end-to-end delivery of trade reporting regulatory rules for Interest Rates, Credit, FX, Commodities, and Equities issued by European regulators in response to G20 Pittsburgh commitments. The project mandates collection and maintenance of data related to swap transactions, which will be directly and electronically available to regulators. I work with front office, operations, operations engineering, compliance, legal and IT to ensure that we are in compliance with regulations.

My RBC experience: I've been given significant opportunities early in my career and I truly believe I've learned a lot more in the past year working at RBC than in my previous tenure. The organization is hungry for talent, there is a huge appetite for change, people are valued and leaders care about winning together. I also value RBC's open culture complemented with very experienced people, where talented people help each other to achieve superior performance.

Advice for students: Three pieces of advice.
1. Research well before accepting an offer. It is very hard to resist a lucrative offer but consider your long term goals rather than short term benefits.
2. Try to know your target organizations by networking. It is unbelievable how much insight you can get just by talking to people.
3. Continuously improve your skills, practice and prepare.

Sarah Hossain
Technical Systems Analyst, Global Equities Technology, Capital Markets

RBC program: Capital Markets Technology Program

Education: BASc Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, EIT (Engineer-In-Training)

Job specs: I work with delivering compliance reporting. My role includes building compliance applications for global equities, doing some ad hoc reporting required for the business (trade data, account data, executions on a certain day), as well as supporting new compliance regulations that need new applications.

My RBC experience: I really like the environment at RBC–it’s open and there’s always somebody there to help and mentor you on the path you want to go take. When I started in the RBC rotational program I was a project manager and I wanted to explore the technical side. I expressed my interest to my manager, he looked for opportunities for me to learn and my rotations took me to my current position. I like that RBC has a lot of community involvement and supports diversity – for example I’ve participated in the Big Bike to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation, as well as groups for RBC Women and Women in Capital Markets. There’s always something you can get involved in that relates to you.

Advice for students: You don’t know what’s out there until you explore. Don’t reduce your options. For example, some graduating students in engineering and computer engineering think they may only find certain jobs in consulting firms, but there are many opportunities present. Don’t limit yourself when you are coming of university. Explore, talk to people, and learn what’s available.

Britney Freeman
Senior Business Analyst/Systems Analyst, Project Services, Retail Applications

RBC program: Enterprise Operations & Payments/Retail Applications Student Program

Education: BComm, Queens University

Job specs: I’m responsible for eliciting, documenting and communicating requirements to enable and improve business applications for multiple RBC businesses. The payment applications I work most closely with support our clients and businesses in the initiation, submission, processing, and receipt of payments in an efficient and timely manner.

My RBC experience: In my work environment I am able to work with and learn about multiple business areas, because most business areas need to send and receive payments! There is plenty of interest in professional development at RBC, so there are great opportunities to enhance my knowledge, skill sets and experience. RBC also encourages well-rounded employees and enables participation in different events and committees such as the Technology and Operations Employee Action Committee, Women and Technology and Operations, and leading the Enterprise Operations & Payments/Retail Applications Student Program.

Advice for students: Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. You’ll never know how well you can do until you try. Once you've tried and endured, you're rewarded with a new confidence which you can use on your next challenge!

Scott Schrader
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives, RBC Capital Markets

RBC program: Finance Management Development Program

Education: BMOS, University of Western Ontario; MBA, Queens University School of Business; CMA

Job specs: In my current role I help develop and implement various projects and lead change management activities to meet the bank's strategic objectives. I collaborate with executives across RBC globally and help them improve their businesses by making changes to internal processes. We always strive to improve and to do things faster and more cost effectively.

My RBC experience: I like that there are so many options within the bank that you can spend your whole career here. If you are a high performer, you can switch jobs every few years to try something new and gain more experience. It’s also exciting to have the opportunity to work internationally. I gained invaluable experience living in New York City and working on Wall Street for six months during one of my rotations.

Advice for students: Have an open mind to all of the opportunities that are available to you. When you are in an MBA program, people can become too focused on only a few career options. Large companies like RBC offer a wide range of interesting and challenging opportunities, which can benefit you personally and professionally.

Xiao Song, Yu
Senior Financial Advisor, Wealth Management Operations

RBC program: Finance Management Development Program

Education: BComm, University of Toronto; MBA (co-op), McMaster University

Job specs: My role in Wealth Management Finance is to work with our business partners, to enhance financial planning and analysis for strategic initiatives. I work with executives and directors from Wealth Management Operations to transform business drivers into financial numbers. The business has a strategy in mind for the short term and long term, and I work together with them to set and achieve their financial targets.

My RBC experience: I’ve worked in a quite a few different teams both as part of the MBA co-op and RBC’s Finance Management Development Program. The culture of collaboration is very consistent in all of my roles – in many different teams with different managers. The culture of collaboration is very consistent within RBC and collaboration – working with people – is a key motivator for me and it helps us achieve a common goal.

Advice for students: I would definitely recommend a RBC rotational program. The people I know in different rotational programs experience different teams, people and departments in a short period of time. It’s especially good for those without a lot of experience.

Christina Vandoremalen
Sales Manager, Small Business, P&CB

RBC program: Graduate Leadership Program

Education: BComm, Queens University; MBA, McGill University

Job specs: I’m a sales manager. I coach and support a team of 15 senior account managers who help deliver financial advice to small business entrepreneurs, supporting them in both their business and personal needs. My coaching efforts are directed at several areas including credit skills, client discovery and client service, and achievement of sales targets.

My RBC experience: I came into RBC after my MBA through the Graduate Learning Program. It was great being able to work in a variety of positions in different business platforms with a variety of leaders. I was able to leverage a lot of relationships that I built during the program to identify my next positions. I’ve had a client facing role, an enterprise strategy role, and now I’ve come back to the field to work with a team to develop sales leadership skills.

Advice for students: Think about the type of work you want to do and what makes you happy. Make sure you put in the time to reflect on what you want, and also what you can offer an organization. I wanted to work in a culture made up of smart, driven individuals who were willing to teach and collaborate with each other. Being in a company where it’s more collaborative with coaching and support has helped my career progression.

Pennie Santiago
Regional Vice President, Retail Banking

RBC program: Graduate Leadership Program

Education: BESc, Mechanical Engineering and BSc Computer Programming, University of Western Ontario; MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University

Job specs: I’m responsible for market leadership of our local retail market, driving and managing the business, delivering client advice and community engagement. I manage our area market retail stores (branches) – leading within my geographical market our branch managers, financial planners and small business teams , who provide a full suite of financial advice and financial solutions. We also work together with our multiple RBC partners, such as Private Banking and Commercial Markets to name a few, to deliver RBC’s united value proposition for the client.

My RBC experience: I spent the first two-thirds of my career in auto industry and I took the MBA with the intent of continuing in the Automotive Sector. Learning more about RBC, I saw the potential to broaden my career path and financial acumen. The RBC Graduate Leadership Program gave me two years’ experience in four different areas of RBC. I was able to work with senior leaders—I was mentored and provided with opportunities to deliver in a leadership role. This gave me the chance to apply my transferable skills from the auto industry, such as product development and customer care.

Advice for students: It’s advice I was given. In your career, never strive for a title–strive for the learning each role can provide and the opportunity to expand your skill set. Titles and structures come and go, so aim more for what the job lets you learn and deliver on a daily basis.

Vanja Gorazi
Senior Manager, Electronic Payments, P&CB

RBC program: Graduate Leadership Program

Education: BSc Eng, University of Western Ontario; MBA, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Job specs: I’m responsible for the financial performance and strategic direction on a portfolio of consumer electronic payments across RBC’s multichannel environment. I'm on the business side and work with other RBC areas to deliver, promote and grow the electronic payments universe. Some of the exciting projects that I’m working on are peer-to-peer and mobile payments. This includes the next generation of RBC mobile wallet – paying with your phone – and online and mobile payments. I also manage RBC Virtual Visa Debit portfolio, an innovative way to pay for your online purchases using debit.

My RBC experience: I love the fast pace of electronic payments – every day there is something new, challenging and rewarding. I also loved the RBC Graduate Leadership Program experience. I worked in corporate banking in New York, P&CB, and Global Asset Management. All were growth areas and I learned both soft and hard skills. During my time with the office of the CFO, Investor Relations, I was privileged to have access to a number of executives and participate in shareholder, analyst and investor meetings. It also gave me a great overview of the RBC businesses and I was able to see strategy being executed first hand.

Advice for students: Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond your boundaries – that’s the best way to grow. When you are hired into a specific role, don’t be afraid to expand your skill set and the role. Leadership and taking initiative is welcome. Broaden your network and understand the holistic picture of company as well as your role. This will allow you to better collaborate across divisions or departments and will better position you for professional growth.