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There are many ways to learn more about your RBC opportunities. Get involved and connect with us!

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  • Meet our Global Campus Recruitment Team members below – in Canada, U.S., Europe and Asia.
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You are on: Canada

Lisa Kramer

Lisa Kramer,
Director, Global Campus Recruitment

Job specs: Lisa is the fearless leader of the campus team. She is responsible for the overall strategy and program implementation for RBC entry level hiring.

Why her job rocks: She works with an amazing team that is responsible for shaping the future of RBC, bringing in great student talent.

In her free time: She’s busy training for her first marathon, and juggling life as a busy working mom.

Connect with Lisa
twitter @Recruit_Campus
linkedin Lisa Kramer

Nikki Simone

Nikki Simone,
Campus Recruitment Manager

Job specs: Nikki leads the recruitment strategy for RBC graduate and undergraduate programs. She works with students and our academic partners to ensure that RBC recruits the most appropriate candidates, and she shares information about RBC with students to help them make the best career choices.

Why her job rocks: Students’ enthusiasm, hope, energy and determination are contagious.

In her free time: You may catch her zip-lining... or sharing a huge bowl of popcorn on family movie night.

Connect with Nikki
twitter @nikki4rbc
linkedin Nikki Simone

Joanne DeSouza

Joanne DeSouza,
Campus Recruitment Manager

Job specs: Joanne leads the development and management of a campus recruitment strategy to support student programs in RBC Technology and Operations.

Why her job rocks: Joanne loves being a facilitator. She helps young talent achieve their career goals, while assisting business partners in meeting their hiring goals.

In her free time: An avid cook, Joanne whips up meals that are equally delicious and healthy.

Connect with Joanne
twitter @Joanne4RBC
linkedin Joanne DeSouza

Catherine Christou

Catherine Christou,
Campus Recruitment Specialist

Job specs: Catherine is always on the lookout for talented candidates for co-op positions in Capital Markets Information Technology, Wealth Management and Global Functions.

Why her job rocks: She considers herself lucky to work with enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly teammates.

In her free time: She’s a die-hard foodie who loves trying new dishes.

Connect with Catherine
twitter @Catherine4RBC
linkedin Catherine Christou

Sarah Duggan

Sarah Duggan,
Campus Recruitment Specialist

Job specs: As part of the campus recruitment team, Sarah supports recent graduate hiring for RBC’s Technology and Operations group.

Why her job rocks: For Sarah, each day is different. She experiences new challenges and situations, which keep her on her toes. She also enjoys meeting and inspiring students at campus events.

In her free time: She really loves to run and challenge herself by entering various races throughout the year. She also loves spending time with her dog Harley!

Connect with Sarah
twitter @Sarah4RBC
linkedin Sarah Duggan

Shannon McCrae

Shannon McCrae,
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Job specs: Shannon is the glue that keeps the Global Campus Recruitment team together and on track. She also oversees the coordination of events for RBC co-op and summer students.

Why her job rocks: The Campus Recruitment team is super-supportive. “As a recent grad myself, I’ve never had the opportunity to work in such an environment,” says Shannon.

In her free time: Shannon loves reading, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Connect with Shannon
twitter @shannon4rbc
linkedin Shannon McCrae

Sarah Wallis-South

Sarah Wallis-South,
Director, Campus Program Recruitment

Job specs: Sarah manages the analyst and associate campus recruitment for the Global Investment Banking and Global Markets Programs. She manages the Global Market Program analysts and associates while on rotation, the summer interns on placement, and the summer Global Investment Banking training for new recruits.

Why her job rocks: She works with bright, talented and motivated young professionals joining the firm and guiding them as they start their careers with RBC.

In her free time: Sarah spends precious time with family and friends.

Connect with Sarah
linkedin Sarah Wallis-South

Farah Cleirbaut

Farah Cleirbaut,
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Job specs: Farah supports the analyst and associate campus recruitment for the Investment Banking and Global Markets Programs (GMP) and facilitates co-op recruitment for Capital Markets. She provides administrative support to the GMP, Global Markets summer intern program and assists with coordinating the summer GIB training for new recruits globally.

Why her job rocks: Farah says her favourite part of her job is meeting so many brilliant students full of ambition and ready to take on the world.

In her free time: She enjoys travelling, playing volleyball and spending quality time with loved ones.

Connect with Farah
twitter @Farah4RBC
linkedin Farah Cleirbaut


You are on: USA

Rachel Behrens

Rachel Behrens,
Campus Recruitment Program Manager

Job specs: Rachel leads the team responsible for the recruitment and program management of summer interns, analysts and associates in RBC’s U.S. locations.

Why her job rocks: She loves working with students and visiting a wide variety of campuses.

In her free time: You’ll find Rachel in her favourite indoor cycling studio.

Connect with Rachel
linkedin Rachel Behrens

Farah Cleirbaut

Liane Hajduch,
Campus Recruiter

Job specs: Liane recruits interns, handles their transition to becoming full-time employees, and educates and inspires new hires through programming and events.

Why her job rocks: Liane travels to campuses across the U.S. to speak with students about career opportunities at RBC.

In her free time: Liane takes dance classes. She danced competitively in high school and college.

Connect with Liane
linkedin Liane Hajduch

Chrystie-Lynn Guagliardo

Chrystie-Lynn Guagliardo,
Campus Recruiter

Job specs: Chrystie-Lynn keeps busy recruiting interns and managing their transition to full-time employees. She also educates and motivates new hires through creative programming and special events.

Why her job rocks: She has the opportunity to mentor interns and new employees at the cusp of their careers.

In her free time: Chrystie-Lynn is an assistant soccer coach for a women’s college team. Her competitive streak also finds an outlet in board games.

Connect with Chrystie-Lynn
linkedin Chrystie-Lynn Guagliardo

Nicole Palmarozza

Nicole Palmarozza,
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Job specs: Nicole supports the campus recruiting team to create a successful and positive experience for both summer interns and full time graduate hires. This includes coordinating job fairs and campus events as well as managing on-boarding activity.

Why her job rocks: She loves being able to collaborate with such a creative, high energy team to help young professionals have the best experience possible working at RBC.

In her free time: Nicole tries to experience nature and the outdoors as much as possible, whether it’s visiting the beach, hiking, white water rafting or participating in a 5K.

Connect with Nicole
linkedin Nicole Palmarozza


You are on: Europe and Asia

Emily Poole

Emily Poole,
Campus Recruitment Program Manager

Job specs: Emily manages campus recruiting and programming across Capital Markets in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Why her job rocks: She can follow students on their RBC path, from first meetings on campus to successful careers at RBC.

In her free time: You’ll find Emily trying out the latest new restaurants.

Connect with Emily
linkedin Emily Poole

Sarah Vincent

Sarah Vincent,
Campus Recruitment Specialist

Job specs: Sarah recruits analysts, summer interns and RBC Academy students for Capital Markets and helps develop her team’s marketing strategy. She also manages graduates in their first year and assists in permanently placing them at the end of their rotations.

Why her job rocks: “I like figuring out what types of people are best suited for particular teams,” she says. She also thrives on the fast pace.

In her free time: Sarah loves pilates and the outdoors.

Connect with Sarah
linkedin Sarah Vincent

Caroline Melloy

Caroline Melloy,
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Job specs: Caroline coordinates the RBC Academy program, helping students learn more about RBC and the financial services industry during holiday placements. She also supports the Campus Team in recruiting and managing campus programs.

Why her job rocks: Its variety exposes her to all areas of the business. It’s also very satisfying to oversee the recruitment and development of junior talent at RBC.

In her free time: A huge sports fan, Caroline can often be found on the golf course.

Connect with Caroline
linkedin Caroline Melloy