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Tools & Resources



Whether you are planning to come to Canada or already here, you have a lot to think about. Use this checklist to get suggestions on what needs to be done at different stages in the immigration process.

Checklist for Newcomers


Setting Up your Finances in Canada

Understanding Banking in Canada

Find out how banking works in Canada.

Download your Guide (opens PDF in new window)

Banking Tutorials

Find out the steps involved in getting your finances organized. These easy Banking Tutorials are available for download in select languages.

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You are on: Tools & Calculators

The RBC Welcome to Canada Banking Package

Use these tools and calculators to help you manage your day-to-day finances, make big purchases and plan for the future.

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More Resources

You are on: Car & Home

Buying a Car or Home

When it comes to big purchases like these, you have a lot to consider. Should you rentExpand - Help your home or buy? How should you financeExpand - Help your car? Here are some tools and Banking Tutorials to help you decide what type of purchases to make and how to pay for them.

Banking Tutorials:


You are on: Citizenship and Government Programs

Citizenship and Government Programs

Canada has a strong history of welcoming newcomers from around the world and helping them settle into their new life here. The government of Canada has developed programs that offer financial assistance, loansExpand - Help and help with immigrating to Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (opens external website in new window)

You are on: Education & Employment

Education and Employment

Education and jobs are important for Canadians. They likely are for you too. We have many great school and employment opportunities as well as government programs to help you and your children get things started off right.

Our Banking Tutorials and links will help you learn about these opportunities and plan ahead.

You are on: Taxes and Finances

Taxes and Finances

Part of moving to a new country involves getting your finances in order, like starting a budget. Along with other expenses, your budget should include taxes, which Canadians pay to the federal and provincial governments. These include income tax, Sales Tax such as Goods and Services Tax (GST)Expand - Help, Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)Expand - Help.

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