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Ensuring equal access to both our spaces and our services is a priority for RBC. As we make ongoing accessibility improvements, we involve our employees, clients, industry specialists and other stakeholders in the process.

Our Commitment to Barrier-Free Spaces

To better accommodate clients and staff with disabilities, we're committed to providing barrier-free accessibility where we operate. This is reflected in the design of all our new branches, and, where possible, in our renovations. For example, we provide:

  • Automated/accessible doors and vestibules
  • Barrier-free ramps to vaults and service areas
  • ATMs built to be barrier-free including lowered mounting heights; some are also equipped with Braille
  • Learn more about our Audio ATMs
  • Barrier-free washrooms in every new branch
  • Barrier-free safety deposit box booths in new branches
  • Where available, at least one parking space reserved for customers with disabilities
  • Lifts or elevators in new multi-level branches

We're also working with our landlords to reduce barriers to accessibility in the buildings we lease.

Office Space Design

We've put accessible furniture in office spaces where our representatives meet with clients. For example, some of our tables have tops that can be easily raised, lowered or tilted to adjust to the needs of people in wheelchairs.

Improving Accessibility

RBC strives for improved accessibility across its branch network and recognizes that further steps can and will be taken to help RBC become barrier free by, for example, engaging in initiatives to identify and eliminate physical barriers including annual proactive branch renovations as needed.



We are constantly looking for ways to improve. Please share your thoughts about Accessibility at RBC through our Feedback Form.


Community & Sustainability

We believe in the power of diverse communities and the individuals who live in them.

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